DNS verification was successful, but not really

Unsure what to do when verify gives successful for HTTPs, but when i reload it says waiting for propagation

  • netlify site name: kdlanguageservices.netlify.app
  • Netlify DNS active on both www.kdlanguageservices.co.za and kdlanguageservices.co.za
  • SSL says waiting for propagation but when i click verify DNS configuration I get a tick next to SSL and message “DNS verification was successful”
  • I have reduced the TTL to 5 minutes

I have the domain on Route53, NS records are setup as well as A record pointing to, CNAME for kdlanguageservices.co.za with value kdlanguageservices.netlify.app

It’s been around 24hours.

Hi, @karlidurr. This custom domain is not actually using Netlify DNS. I found the WHOIS data for this custom domain here:

This shows the name servers being used are:

Name Server: ns-1124.awsdns-12.org
Name Server: ns-422.awsdns-52.com
Name Server: ns-739.awsdns-28.net
Name Server: ns-1730.awsdns-24.co.uk

Again, this shows that Netlify DNS is not being used by this domain at this time. The DNS zone does exist at Netlify but the domain doesn’t use it.

The solution for this is to do one of the following.



  • change the authoritative name servers to be the Netlify DNS name servers for that zone

The DNS servers below are the correct ones for this DNS zone:

Gandi’s instructions for changing name servers can be found here:


If neither solution works or if there are any questions, please reply here anytime.

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Hey @luke

It’s working now, reverted back to the amazon dns. Leaving me even more confused cause I used that tool dig and the NS coming through there was the dns1.p06.nsone.net etc

Does it matter which apex domain in route53 is the NS record

mine was

  • kdlanguageservices.co.za

but the primary in netlify was www.kdlanguageservices.co.za ?

Just trying to learn for future implementations where i want Netlify to be the DNS since it’s great :slight_smile:

Appreciate the help

Hey @hoektoe,
The NS may have been the same if you checked before the updated DNS had propagated- that can take up to 48 hours. When I check now, this is what I see:

$ host -t NS kdlanguageservices.co.za
kdlanguageservices.co.za name server ns-739.awsdns-28.net.
kdlanguageservices.co.za name server ns-1730.awsdns-24.co.uk.
kdlanguageservices.co.za name server ns-422.awsdns-52.com.
kdlanguageservices.co.za name server ns-1124.awsdns-12.org.

Checking the www address returns:

$ host www.kdlanguageservices.co.za
www.kdlanguageservices.co.za is an alias for kdlanguageservices.netlify.app. <--- this is your CNAME to Netlify ✅
kdlanguageservices.netlify.app has address <--- this is a Netlify CDN node
kdlanguageservices.netlify.app has address <--- this is a Netlify CDN node
kdlanguageservices.netlify.app has IPv6 address 2604:a880:2:d0::1354:7001 <--- this is the IPv6 address of one of the above Netlify CDN nodes
kdlanguageservices.netlify.app has IPv6 address 2604:a880:2:d0::1546:5001 <--- this is the IPv6 address of one of the above Netlify CDN nodes

Checking the bare domain returns:

$ host kdlanguageservices.co.za
kdlanguageservices.co.za has address <--- this is our load balancer ✅

Let us know if this helps or if you have other questions!