DNS issue with site

DNS Issue with pitchsidehospitality.com

Hi Team,

We switched over DNS settings yesterday and are currently experiencing issues with the root domain pitchsidehospitality.com, which is still resolving to the old site.

Both the root and subdomain are returning the correct DNS values.

Would be great to have some help on this issue.

host -t a pitchsidehospitality.com
pitchsidehospitality.com has address
host -t cname www.pitchsidehospitality.com
www.pitchsidehospitality.com is an alias for pitchside-hospitality.netlify.app.


Remove the AAAA record

$ dig pitchsidehospitality.com AAAA
pitchsidehospitality.com. 15	IN	AAAA	2a00:d680:20:50::225
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Amazing thanks @stuffed !