DNS issue with non www

Hello, I recently pointed by DNS to Netlify about 48 hours ago. I seem to be having an issue with non www redirecting to www. I have checked all the DNS records in Netlify multiple times over, but in an incognito window https://imaginationmedia.com does not redirect to https://www.imaginationmedia.com; When you go to https://imaginationmedia.com you get a SSL Cert Error because its trying to load the netlify.com SSL. I have also checked the SSL configuration and I have a wildcard SSL installed correctly.

Did you use the search before posting? Yes, I checked the DNS records based on some of the results I found while searching the forums.

Hi @imgali,

Your custom certificate doesn’t cover imaginationmedia.com, only www. and *.. You’ll need to update this to cover the apex domain!

Thank you for the response @Pie; However its a wild card ssl, so it should cover imaginationmedia.com; Also shouldn’t imaginationmedia.com just redirect to www.imaginationmedia.com anyway? so this really shouldn’t be an issue.


I understand where you’re coming from. Though, wildcard != apex. I’d expect to see the certificate pane looking like this:


Given all of our sites are HTTPS-forced, and the nature of a 301 direct, you’ll need a certificate to cover both domains.