Disable automatic building of master (unlink from repo) in project settings

Currently you have to make a support request in order to unlink a project from a repo, which seems to be the only way to prevent automatic building. Given that a bunch of people have had this seem need, why not make it a feature?

The reason I need it is because I’m integrating with another CI tool, and I want that tool to tell Netlify when to build, for which I’m using the Netlify CLI. Sadly there is no publish command available in the CLI (another feature request which would solve my problem), so the only way around this problem I can see is to unlink the project and then use the CLI to build (with auto publish turned on) instead of the git hook triggering the build every time. Currently there always has to be human intervention through the Netlify frontend, which is not an option for me.

hi there,

we’re thinking on your request, but for now, i just want to point out that you can tell us to [skip ci]. More on that here:

Thanks for the info, perry, that indeed could be useful in certain circumstances. But actually I can’t expect people to always include this in commit messages so it’s not a real solution.

In the mean time do you think you could go ahead and unlink site 5b1dc29c-9e13-4471-9f9e-180a9ef41603 from the repo please? I need this for my production build so it’s somewhat urgent.


unlinking won’t change what you can do in your production build, so I cannot understand what makes it particularly urgent. Nonetheless, the repo was already unlinked - presumably based on some other identical request you made in another thread. In the future, please do not make multiple requests of the same nature as it greatly slows my team down in helping folks out!