Deployment of react app

I have been trying to deploy my app and the homepage only shows but not the second page. I kept the redirects file, yet it did not work. I cleared my cookies but it’s not working. I have read through all the other solutions. not working. Please assists me.

Please provide more details, for example a link to the site and the contents of your _redirects file.

Good morning,
I delete the redirects file but I will send the link.
Thank you for replying

These are the two links I deployed. Published but not redirecting

Thank you

Good evening,
I sent the links to the sites I am trying to host. for the _redirect file, I deleted it from my application when it kept telling me to too may redirect, which made me clear my cookies history.
Thank you

@ijay I’m confused as you’ve posted links to two very different sites.

Which one are you having issues with?

These appear to be small sites, why would your _redirects file have had too many redirects?

Good morning,
I sent both links cause I have issues with them not deploying full only the homepage shows. I don’t have any _redirects file I deleted it.

Try adding the _redirects file with the content:

/* /index.html 200

Thanks for helping me. It worked.