Deployment is successfull but my site is not live


I received deployment successful but when i browse to check my site online it is not displaying. All I am seeing is a white page.

hi there,

when i take a look at your site, i see lots of JS errors in the console:

have you verified that the site builds and the page loads correctly locally?

I have made new deployment and created the Build folder but I have the same problem. The page is still blank. On my localhost my application is working fine.

I have specified the deployment folder to be the build folder. I do not understand why it can not get the js and css. I think the error message I am getting is that it can not find the JS and CSS files?

This is the new deployment.
Please help.

It seems like you are pointing to the wrong paths for your assets, for example:

should be:

You are right I just figure that out but how do I fix that?

I just figured out the problem was I have home page url set on the package.json file. Now I left it black and everything is working properly. Thank you guys for your help.

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