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Deploying shopify hydrogen to netlify


I’m doing some research about shopify’s new hydrogen framework and I tried to deploy it to netlify. Unfortunately, I’m getting “Page not found” error. I have all the required files needed in netlify (index.html etc.). Is there something I can do? I read in the hydrogen docs that it is possible to deploy it to netlify. I didn’t change any settings or anything in netlify, everything is bone stock.

I know hydrogen is really new but i hope that someone has some answers for my question!

I can post build logs if needed.


Hi @ronivil

I’m interested in Hydrogen, however am yet to test it out. Interested as to your thoughts.

Looking at this documentation is seems to suggest the output directory it dist/client so I am wondering it you have the Publish directory correctly set.

Can you share the Netlify site you are deploying to? Could you share the git repository you are deploying from?

Hey! Thanks for your reply! I changed publish directory to “dist/client” and it got me from “Page not found” to a white screen, so progress! However, im getting some console errors: get 404 and hydration error. I unfortunately cannot share the github repo because its private and handled by my employer.

Can you share the site name you are deploying to?

Sure, https://quizzical-mahavira-d42299.netlify.app/

I’m new to netlify so I’m sorry if there is some confusion from my end.

These errors might provide some clue as to the blank page.