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I have made several changes to main in my github repository however it didn’t apply on the site on nitlify for the first time how to fix ? My site name is
Removed box-shadow from buttons but it is not applying on the site why ?!! I confirmed that the changed were deployed from main as usual i have to fix it before i purchase the domain name from u

Hi @Magi

It appears this site no longer exists.

@coelmay No it works just fine but stopped apply changes from repo main why ?!! I have to be sure when i purchase the domain i can still make changes to my site

Have you looked at the most recent deploy log? Did it succeed or fail? Where new files uploaded?

Can you share the latest deploy log?
Can you share the repository you are deploying from?

This screenshot shows all files were up to date, therefore there was nothing new to deploy.

There is little more I can offer from screenshots.

If u open the site u will see that all buttons have box shadow blue i removed that from css file on github main why didn’t it apply ?!! This is the frist time to happen always everything is applied instantly. It stopped suddenly please help

The log shows there was no changes, as I can’t see your deploy logs and I can’t see your repository I can’t say why.

Can’t u check the css file on the server and see if box shadiw is not deleted from it ? How to check my files on netlify itself not on github ?

Is there a limit to changes u can do on the repo main ?!!

@coelmay Why can’t u see my deploy logs?!! I gave u the site name already ?!!

@coelmay it is a code problem so i will delete the question. Changes are applied to the server already

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Hi there, @Magi :wave:

I see you left feedback saying you want this post deleted. For future reference, you can flag your post for review by a moderator, and then leave a comment you would like it deleted.
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I can archive this thread for you. Once it is archived, you will not be able to access it or update it. Can you confirm you would like that?


I wanted to delete it cause the problem turned out to be not related to netlify deployment but if the post would help others then lets keep it. i was a little bit disappointed that the @coelmay didn’t recognize that the problem has nothing to do with the deployment or the repo main i confirmed that by checking the css file online from source developer tool and found that the changes already deployed on the server
Thanks so much for ur help @hillary

Hey @Magi :wave:

Thanks for letting me know. Coel is a dedicated community member and does not work for Netlify. We appreciate his consistent troubleshooting and quick responses. I will leave your thread up-- let’s continue to exercise gratitude for folks in this space who chime in and share ideas. Thanks :netliheart: