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Deployed React app but Firebase Authentication doesn't work


I deployed my site and have added the REACT_APP_ environment variables. I’ve also added the domain to firebase authorized domains. The site is working but nothing happens when I try to sign up or login. Weird thing is, the reset forgotten password works!

Site: https://happy-jackson-1f992a.netlify.app

It works locally, I can sign up new user accounts and login (where I can access private route pages). Theres no error showing up on the console and its not catching any errors from the authContext functions. Am I missing something?

Welcome to the forums @effzedwhy

Are you able to share your git repository for others at assist you with debugging?

Sure, here is the repo: GitHub - effzedwhy/house-swap-vacation

Thank you!

I managed to find the issue, it was to do with some code in the authContext.