Deploy to netlify button, without toml


I want to create a deploy to netlify button for this subfolder, without creating a toml (because other subfolders might want a deploy to netlify button as well)

I’d like to be able to setup base information to my repo in the link:

Does it make sense to you?

It does make sense, but I don’t think we’ve quite implemented multiple-buttons-single-repo yet, despite our “monorepo” support, so I don’t think it will work; I think the button needs to be defined in the /netlify.toml for today, so you’re limited to a single button per repo at the moment.

I’ll check in with our developers to see what they think and let you know if I’m wrong (in which case I’ll file a feature request so we can follow up with you if that changes).

Thanks for your patience while my team looked into this for you.

While you can use the deploy to Netlify button without the netlify.toml file, it won’t serve your needs here - without one, it would assume the base directory is the repo root, and it would try to infer the build settings, so it would never find your subdirectory-based site(s).

I’ve filed a feature request for you and will let you know via this thread in case things change in the future, but i don’t see that as likely to happen in the near future, so probably not best to plan on it.