Deploy timeout with "timed out while waiting to enter states"

hey there,

so the lines above are definitely the problem - while we have maybe 1-2 sites (enterprise sites) on our network that take that long to build, that is a VERY long build time. This definitely indicates that something isn’t working right.

some quick thoughts on this:

I’d work through these guides and see if there is anything helpful to bring down the build time. I am also wondering if there is some kind of process somewhere that isn’t actually building but idling in the background, and eventually timing out.

While we can bump up the build time to an hour or an hour and half, I don’t think we can go as high as 3 hours without getting you talking with a different team to see if a custom build solution is right for you.

Another option could be to build locally and push the built files Not ideal from a workflow perspective, but, this will at least get a build up while you take the time to see if you can optimize your build somehow to bring build times down.

give these resources a try, and let us know!