Deploy strapi on netfily

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I was interested in using netfily to deploy a strapi project on your cloud. But I have deployment problems. This is my GitHub link for the Strapi project:

The Strapi documentation doesn’t say anything about how to deploy Strapi on Netlify but on other providers, which bothered me. Now when entering the url that netlify provides me, I get a blank screen, I prefer to create a topic here because in the Strapi forums I have not received any help. In case I do not find a solution, I will change the provider

Hi @Husdady,

I don’t see any websites in your account. Is there something we can check?

I re-uploaded the strapi project. I removed it to test netlify-cli. I used the command netlify deploy to upload the project and then netlify deploy --prod to send it to production but it shows a blank screen. When checking in the console it shows: failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (). It is not loading the js file that the interface shows, how can I fix this? Thank you

Hi, @Husdady. Are you deploying strapi as Netlify Functions? If you are trying to upload a strapi app and not using Functions, the following support guide might be helpful: