Deploy context with tags

I have set up deploy context to deploy all branches from a Bitbucket repository. This works fine for regular branches and feature branches and all is well. However, I attempted to create a tag to see if this worked, but it seems it doesn’t…

git ref refs/heads/test-netlify-2 does not exist or you do not have permission

I saw a thread about re-linking the repository, as it could be a permission issue and did as indicated, but that didn’t work…

Is this expected, or is there a solution for it?

Hey there, @goncalo-oliveira :wave:

Sorry for the slow response here! We appreciate you starting this conversation. I know it has been a few days since you posted. Are you still encountering this obstacle?

If you are, please share the following:

  1. Your Netlify site name
  2. Any additional debugging steps you have taken in the past week

Hi @hillary,

I’ve had a reply from the support team. Deploying from tag seems to not be supported at the moment, which is a shame.

Yes, our build system doesn’t currently clone the tags when cloning the repo. We have an open feature request to change this.

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Hey there @goncalo-oliveira :wave:

Thank you for letting me know! We will follow up with you should this change in the future.

Thanks again for participating in the Netlify Forums :rocket: