Deploy Button(dist param)

Hi everyone,
I have a monorepo project with sub-internal projects, when I try to deploy my nextjs via the deploy button I want to build all sub-projects after building the nextjs project currently I have a problem with the specific build path directory because, in the params for deploy button, I specified only base path to root base=\ but dist is in apps/nextjs/.nextjs how can I add the distDir to apps/nextjs/.next?

I’m not perfectly sure what you mean and it’s pretty hard to understand you right now. Maybe try phrasing it differently? Also share your site details to we can check better.

But if I have understood you correctly, maybe all you need is to set the publish directory to app/nextjs/.next: Build configuration overview | Netlify Docs

I would like to extend more configuration params for deploy button same as vercel deploy

  • root directory (it’t very important if we use a monorepo)
  • output-directory (same like root directory)
  • build command
  • install command

More information from vercel: Build Settings | Vercel Docs

@maxval1 I’m not sure if this is what you’re referring to, but the Deploy to Netlify button does apparently support setting the Base path for monorepos, see the documentation:

base path exist but output-directory doesn’t currently if my base path is root

  • examples
    – nextjs
  • packages
    – ui
  • package.json

my dist is inside examples/nextjs/.next, and here i have an problems because by default deploy is root/dist

Hey @maxval1,

We’ve escalated this to the devs to check.

Hi @maxval1,

Thanks for the follow-up.

You should be able to set the publish directory and all other options in the netlify.toml. This is documented here: Create deploys | Netlify Docs

You can provide a set of default values for your template directly in the template’s Git repository. Create a netlify.toml file in the root of the repository, if you don’t have it already. We’ll read the information from there. This file can also be used to set options for continuous deployment, you can read more about it in the file-based configuration documentation.

Would this work for you?

Hi @Melvin,
Currently i solved my problems with netlify.toml.

But it would be nice to be able to extend the attributes for deploy button like vercel button does, because now we need to create toml files for every platform.