Deploy-building and deploy-succeeeded not called

I’ve created three functions:

  • netlify/functions/deploy-building.js
  • netlify/functions/deploy-failed.js
  • netlify/functions/deploy-succeeded.js

But only deploy-failed.js seems to perform a HTTP POST. The scripts are identical you can see them here:

Do you know what might be causing this?

Are you seeing these invocations in your function logs- i.e., are you sure the functions are being called by real building, success, and failure? And could you please share your Netlify url so we can take in our backend logs? Thanks!

Thanks for following up! Yes I do see a message in both the logs for the functions that they are running. The project URL is

I took a look in our logs and am seeing successful invocations of deploy-succeeded in Deploy Preview 8 ( yesterday. Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to view the response from Slack- does Slack have any way for you to see those responses on their end, i.e. if they were received but returned an error?