Default x-robots-tag preventing my site from being indexed in production

My site is: My Website

and this is the lighthouse report

but I have no configuration or x-robots-tag to prevent my site from being indexed

I tried to solve it using this code in netlify.toml:
base = “theme/”
publish = “dist/”
command = “npm run build”

for = “/*”
X-Robots-Tag = “allow”`

but the issue is still there I don’t know what to do please help, I need the site being Indexed on browsers

That header is not applied on the production domain of the site: Self Improvement Books: Top Picks for Personal Growth (

You’re most likely checking a preview URL.

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I am sorry, I am kind of new to SEO, so what does it mean? everything is alright?

From our end, yes. Everything is alright.