Cypress test parallelization

Hello guys,

I was wondering if there is a way to use parallelization on Netlify CI, all the articles I have found use the netlify cypress plugin to run cypress test suite and it doesn’t support parallelization

I will appreciate any resource.
Thanks in advance.

Hey @allansolutions1,

As the linked resource says, you get only 1 build pod at a time, so parallelization is not supported.

We could file it as a feature request, but there’s a high chance this would not be supported at least for a long time.

It looks like using this service Netlify Build pros & cons, features, benefits of Continuous Integration server would allow you to run parallel builds - they reference the fact that the Netlify Pro plan has “3 concurrent builds included”. Does this sound like a reasonable posibility?

Hey @allansolutions,

Concurrent builds mean that multiple builds will run at the same time, but they’re still totally isolated from each other. So you can’t run the same Cypress tests in those builds, or share the build containers in other words.