Customize Environment Variables in Deploy to Netilfy Button/URL

I am trying to create a Deploy to Netlify button to include in a sample Next.js project using PlanetScale. My goal is to include a DATABASE_URL environment variable in the string that the user can customize once the deployment process begins. To do this, I created this link in my ReadMe.

[![Deploy to Netlify](](<YOUR_DB_URL>)

I added #DATABASE_URL=<YOUR_DB_URL> at the end of that link. This does create the environment variable, but the user doesn’t have the ability to configure it during the initial deployment process.

I foud out that I can specify this to happen in the Netlify.toml file like so.


However, I’d rather not include the Netlify.toml file if possible and have this built into the Deploy to Netlify button/link without an additional file. Is this possible?

Hi @jamesqquick,

At the moment, the TOML file is the only way to go.