Custom static site generator

I have a custom static site generator written in Golang and I would like to use it for building the websites.

This static generator is a compiled binary, and I wonder how I can use it like you can Hugo with Netlify.

Is this even possible at this moment?

My guess would be that you can publish it as a Node Module, and use that as a dependency in your package.json. You can run your build command when npm run build is executed.

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Yes, totally possible. The build container / image that Netlify runs your build command in after it’s cloned your code already has Go built in; so instead of pre-compiling the binary to your repository, you could actually just make your build command go build && ./output or etc.

If you do prefer to strictly use a binary / pre-compiled version of your SSG, just make sure the compile target is compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial build image) and then you could directly run it in your build command

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Thanks, @jonsully

One additional question. In case of precompiled version I would then need to also push binary SSG with the code right?

Yes; although you’ll really want to make sure you’re building for the correct underlying architecture! Sniffing out a slightly-off architecture error sounds… painful :slight_smile:


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