Create a build button with my own CMS app-how do I get it on Netlify?

I’ve written a static site generator because it’s a federal requirement for all Go devs. It consists of a single executable. I’d like for it to be used as the CMS/build tool/whatever you call it and have my very own Deploy to Netlify button. The app is about 13M with debug code in it.

I am fuzzy as to how that app gets to you people so that it can be used to create sites. I am such a moron that I have been unable to figure out that part even after reading these articles:

How do I upload my app to you folks so it can be used like hugo, Jekyll, etc.?

I think maybe the key is in the “Custom build” section of, where I guess I create a serverless function in Go and it gets compiled during the build? Or maybe before, so binaries can be used?

@PocoCMS It’s hard to tell precisely what you’re trying to do. I’m not sure if you’re just trying to perform a build on Netlify with your custom SSG, or if you’re trying to have your SSG be some kind of pre-installed feature of Netlify for others to “create sites”.

In case you weren’t aware, “Hugo” and “Jekyll” aren’t pre-installed options that people use to build sites on Netlify, they simply have sites produced with those systems (either self created, or copied from elsewhere) and then deploy them to Netlify. Those same sites could also be deployed elsewhere or run locally.

If you’re just trying to perform a build on Netlify using your custom SSG all you should need to do is create a repository of your site code at one of the providers (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket etc) and then configure your build settings.

When you push changes to your site repository Netlify will be notified of the change and will perform a new build and then deploy any of the changes that were produced by it.

If you’re talking about a “Deploy to Netlify” button, that acts as a bit of a shortcut for users to linking a repository into their own account.

Thanks so much for answering unintentionally vague questions.

Trying to perform a build on Netlify with your custom SSG

It’s that one! Once I can do that I know i can do the deploy button. And my “create sites” wording was horrible. Apologies.

What I want to know is, how do you folks get the binary of my SSG itself. Do I just put the binary right there in my repo? Is that that easy?

@PocoCMS I’m not familiar with Go myself, but the relevant build dependencies documentation is here:

And the specific section mentioning Go is further down the page:

Based on this, I’m assuming you’ve your own binary that can run on Ubuntu just like Hugo. If yes, you will have to upload that binary to your Git repo and your build command can be like:

./path-to-binary --arguments

Hirakesh, that is absolutely fantastic! Exactly the info I was looking for. It’s so easy I must have overlooked it! Thanks a trillion.