Custom domain is not working properly

Hello @netlify community,

I am mridul bagla and i am having problem with custom domain.

My site name is and i have registered with custom domain which is but sometimes it’s working and sometimes it’s not, i don’t know what is happening.

Hey there, @MRIDUL-MB :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out – so sorry to hear you are encountering difficulties! We will need a bit more information in order to help you here.

Can you please share the following information:

  1. When did you buy the custom domain, and where did you buy it?
  2. What is the error message you are receiving, ideally with screenshots
  3. When does the error occur, when does it not? IE: certain browsers, certain machines
  4. What troubleshooting steps have you taken so far

Thanks so much!

  1. I have bought it 2 or 3 days ago from the website.
  2. Sometimes the website is running perfectly but sometimes it shows the site can’t be reached
  3. It happens randomly, like today in the morning it’s ( working great but now it is not working.
  4. I don’t know what to do or how to do it.


There is an issue with the DNS for The issue is related to this support guide in that there is multiple DNS zones as seen in

% dig NS +trace | tail -6	38400	IN	NS	38400	IN	NS	38400	IN	NS	38400	IN	NS
;; Received 186 bytes from in 278 ms

If you wish to use Netlify DNS and have your site work correctly, you will need to remove these NS records and only have the Netlify nameservers.

If you have issues with this, I suggest contacting your registrar for assistance or looking through their support documentation.

Thanks, @coelmay, I have removed all these unnecessary records and now it is working perfectly.

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