Custom domain is not accessible

Hi there,

is there an issue with domains right now? Yesterday our custom domain (not using Netlify DNS, primary domain is www) stopped working. All alias domains still worked. Sometimes the primary domain is still accessible to me, but the apex domain, which should automatically redirect never. For people I asked, both are still available, which is weird. Others also have reported issues.

Because I first thought the issue might be with AWS Route 53, I changed the name servers, but it did not help. I also changed the A record to Netlify’s secondary load balancer.

NSlookup returns the name servers, A record (for apex) and CNAME (for www) correctly:

Maybe the issue does not come up based on location. I am based in Berlin, Germany.

Netlify App:
Primary custom domain:
Apex automatic redirect:
Alias domain (which works):

Help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Now both are working again, but this might only be temporary.