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CSS return 404 after a successful build while accessing the published preview

My style.css return 404 error after build is successful. When I checked the sources tab on devtool it shows that style.css is empty.

Then I tried similar process locally by running yarn build, after a successful build. I accessed the url in a browser, all assets loads correctly without 404 error and i confirmed that style.css is not empty.

Hi @Ahmzyjazzy,

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If you download your published site you can see if the CSS file was deployed, and where.

Click on the last published deploy then click the arrow as indicated below.

Thank you @coelmay i noticed there is no css folder after downloading the generated zip. See attachment below.

great, that gives some information to help debugging. where is the css folder located in your source files? maybe it is the wrong place so it doesn not get included in the build step? :thinking: