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Creating the OAuth API via Public Rest API

I am using the below rest api to create the OAuth Application using personal token. However i don’t find this api is available in https://open-api.netlify.com/. Whether this api can be used to create the OAuth Application and it will be supported long time and it will get included in the documentation.

POST https://api.netlify.com/api/v1/oauth/applications

“name”: “account-service1”,
“redirect_uri”: “https://www.example…com/service1”,
“description”: “My OAuth Application”

Hi @Balajiprasath,

The Open API website shows the list of officially supported and documented API calls. The UI itself uses a lot of calls from that and many others too - like the one you found. You can choose to use it without a problem for now, but it can change anytime in future as it’s undocumented and not intended to be publicly used.

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