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Oauth application with response_type=code

I am working on an Oauth integration with Netlify. I have the application set up and am making a successful request to authorize my app in Netlfiy to this URL:


After I get the code value it is not clear to me what URL I make the 2nd call to in order to get the access token.

I haven’t seen any examples that use this flow but this seems like the more standard Oauth flow (platforms like Stripe or Github have another endpoint like token or access_token). Does Netlify have something similar?

How do a get an access token after I get the Oauth code?

Thank you for any insight here!


It wasn’t easy to find but I did find my answer:


Is the URL to get the actual token. It would be very helpful to have this in the Netlify documentation.

For the curious, I found this information digging through the examples. Here is the salient link:

One thing I did learn from this search is how to correctly pronounce “Netlify”! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to finishing up my Netlify integration with Webase!


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