Create subdomain but point to different github repo when using Netlify DNS

I bought a domain from porkbun (quite cheap) and used it for netlify site (also used Netlify DNS to get that SSL)

Now, I want to create a subdomain for like or and point that subdomain to a different github repository and host it as netlify site.

I couldn’t find any solution on how to create subdomain where domain is managed by netlify DNS. is it possible at all to do this in this scenario?

hi, did you work through this article already?

You might also look through these threads:

yes, I went through the articles, these articles are helpful when either DNS is not managed by Netlify or using another branch of same github repository. In my case I want to create a subdomain (using netlify as DNS is managed by it) and point it to different github repository.

@JerryGoyal, I think I understand. You are using our Managed DNS and you want to make a subdomain (like point to a different Netlify site which is deployed from a different repo.

If this is the case, please add the new subdomain in the domain settings page for the site. For example, if the Netlify site is, then add the subdomain here:

If you replace example-site with the subdomain for the new Netlify site in the URL above, this will take you to the place to add the new subdomain for If you add there, this subdomain will now point to this Netlify site.

Also, if you go to the Managed DNS settings for this domain in Netlify, you will see that adding the subdomain to the site also created a NETLIFY type (and possibly a NETLIFYv6 type) record there.

Again, though, you don’t add the records in Managed DNS if it will be an alias for a site at Netlify. The record(s) is/are added in the site domain settings instead.

If this doesn’t work as promised or there are other questions, please let us know.