Could I deploy multiple branches in subpath of the same domain?

Hi, I’m trying to deploy multiple versions of document sites:

Version Branch URL
v1.0 v1.0
v1.1 v1.1
v2.0 v2.0

The code base are placed in different branches of the same repository. Is it possible to deploy those sites in the same domain?

Hey there, i think what you might need is a monorepo setup:

Thank you, but it seems that doesn’t support build multiple sites with same domain from branches.

Hey @razonyang

Have you checked out this support guide?

While it is using multiple repositories, you could use the sample principle and deploy each branch to a different site. For instance would use the v1.0 branch as the main/production branch. would use the v1.1 branch as the main/production branch. would use the v2.0 branch as the main/production branch.

Then you use rewrite as explained in the support guide and this documentation to proxy to each from the main site.

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I didn’t know that, I’ll give it a try. Thank you very much.

Thanks a lot, Netlify proxy meet my case.