Continuous Deployment (GitHub) > Base directory not set

Hey gang! Earlier today, I got my first Netlify deployment up and running: Gridsome and Netlify CMS are both operational and DNS is working nicely. However, I’m some trouble with continuous deployment and my GitHub repo.

First, the good news: I can see all of the local changes that I’m making are automatically being passed into my repo on GitHub. Yay!

I think the problem is that when I first populated the repo, I uploaded the “dist” folder to the master as opposed to the root project folder that contains my package.json, etc. To clarify, my Settings > Build & deploy > Continuous Deployment > Build settings > Base directory is “not set”.

Now, if I try to drag my main site project folder into GitHub via the “Drag files here to add them to your repository” method, I get a message stating “Yowza, that’s a lot of files. Try again with fewer than 100 files.”

I’m more familiar with BitBucket and the whole GUI thing with GitHub is really unfamiliar. I’d rather not blow this repo away as I’ve got all of the Gridsome configuration and authentication running. Any suggestions on how I ought to resolve this?


Hi Dylan,

The recommended path is that you use the git client locally on your computer to push the files to your repo, rather than uploading it via the UI. Also note that you shouldn’t upload your node_modules, that should be in your .gitignore file.

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Thanks, Gerald. I can’t wait to get back and take another run at this!