Contact form not forwarding to Zoho email address

I’ve successfully deployed a site here on Netlify.

I also bought a domain with GoDaddy. Then I configured the DNS on GoDaddy to point to Netlify so the site is available there too.

I’ve also set up a contact form for the website. Messages sent from there appear in the ‘Verified Submissions’ section of ‘Forms’ as expected. In the ‘Outgoing Notifications’ section I added a couple of email addresses. One is Gmail and the other is a custom one from Zoho.

When submitting a form, there is no issue forwarding to the Gmail address. However, the one going to the Zoho address never arrives.

Any ideas on what I need to do here? Is there some further configuration required?

Hello @isoaxe, have you checked your junk / spam folder in the Zoho email?

Hi @clarnx, thanks for taking a look at this. Not in Zoho spam, unfortunately.

Hi, @isoaxe. No emails are arriving because the Zoho email configuration was broken when domain
was moved to Netlify DNS. You must manually copy the required DNS records to Netlify DNS before activating it to prevent this from happening.

There is a support guide that explains how to prevent and how to fix this. The section most pertinent to your situation is here:

If there are other question after reading that, please let us know.

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Hi @luke, right you are. I just needed to add the three MX records from my Zoho account to my Netlify DNS records.

It’s all working now. Thanks for your help.


Hi, @isoaxe. Thank you for confirming the solution that worked for you.

I can give people advice but I’m not always sure if my advice is helpful or not. It really helps when people confirm if the advice worked or not (either way it helps) and I wanted to thank you for doing so. We appreciate you taking the time to share your solution and we hope you enjoy using our services going forward.