Connecting a Cloudflare domain with my Netlify site


I just bought a new domain from Cloudflare and I want to use it with a site hosted here at Netlify, but I cannot connect my hosting here with that domain.

I already have the nameservers from Cloudflare but I don’t know where should I change them

The current site in Netlify is working just fine at I just need to edit the nameservers.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @psynthesis

If you are using Cloudflare to manage DNS, there is no need to put the CF nameservers anywhere on Netlify. You will need to following the Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs documentation by creating flattened CNAME/A record for the apex, and CNAME for the www subdomain in the Cloudflare domain management.

Do also have a read through the following support guide on possibly issues with using Cloudflare in front of Netilfy and how ensure these issues don’t occur

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Thank you very much. The problem is solved and I will read through the guide you suggest.


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