Conflicting zones when adding a custom domain

When attempting to add my custom domain to Netlify I’m receiving the following error: “name is already taken, is conflicting the ownership with other existing zones”.

I believe this is due to the domain being used previously in my old account. Unfortunately
I don’t remember the email or password to that old account and probably don’t have access to that email anymore so I can’t go in and delete the old DNS zones myself. It seems that the only way to resolve this is to post here.

Thanks so much for your help.

Hey @yehuda,

Thanks for reaching out! I can see that a DNS zone exists for the domain. I don’t see zones for the other domains so they should be allocatable.

If you cannot access the account where this domain is hosted (y####a[at]sh####ks[dot]c#m), you’ll need to verify ownership of the domain with a DNS TXT record.

To do this, please create a DNS TXT record for with a value of verifying for netlify support case cm18051. Let us know when that is done and we can remove the domain from the other team.

We have a nice guide on the topic if you need some pointers!

Thanks so much, I’ve gone ahead and added that record.

Hey @Scott, I see that the DNS records have propagated, what would the next step be?

I can see the TXT record so I’ve gone ahead and removed the DNS zone from the original account. You should be free to add this domain to your site now!

Thanks so much for all your help, have a great day!