Conflicting custom domain in another account - new domain

I’m trying to connect this domain to Netlify. It use to be managed by TeeSpring, but was able to pay for a transfer to move it into a Godaddy account.

Now inside the Godaddy account, I have full DNS control. I’m trying to add to Netlify but it says another account already has it. I need help from Netlify to get this moved into my account.

As a plan B, I pointed DNS to my Netlify build: I would much prefer to just manage the DNS within Netlify and finish the original configuration.

Hi @rickyhaswifi,

It appears you’ve managed to resolved this? The domain seems to be connected to the site you mention.

The solution to this was to write Netlify & await a response. They had me add a special DNS configuration.

This was not able to be solved with any forum/stackoverflow help. Only direct email support.