Command failed with exit code 127: npm run build while deploying the React js app with sanity io

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I am a beginner to Netlify deployment and something is wrong to deploy to Netlify. I am not sure if package.json or my build settings are wrong?

Anyone can comment on?

@Ulvinasib The issue is that when it runs npm run build, that command says to run react-script build but it cannot find react-script.

Is it a typo and you mean react-scripts?

The thing is that I configured the build settings and now all is okay(the site is live) except that I am seeing a blank page with an error in the Chrome console
chrome error
of this:

So the issue that this thread exists for has been fixed, and now you’re experiencing another completely unrelated issue.

I think you should consider this thread solved and continue to debug your project.

Specifically as that tells you, the configuration is missing a projectId.

It’s coming from Sanity and a quick google shows threads like this:

They indicate that you need to ensure SANITY_PROJECT_ID is set.