CNAME record in Netlify DNS


As per the value field of CNAME record should have . (dot) at the end. I created two CNAME records in Netlify DNS system. One with value and another with value Netlify DNS accepted both the records without any warning/alert and now displays them as such (One with dot in the end while other isn’t).

  1. Which one of these 2 is valid in Netlify DNS?
  2. Are both valid for Netlify DNS?
  3. Also, currently, I am using Gitlab Pages to host my static website. Can I use Netlify DNS? Or is it required to host website with Netlify to use Netlify DNS?


I think both would work identically in our system, so you probably now have two identically behaving answers for that lookup :slight_smile:

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Thanks. That’s the case indeed! I’m sticking with which looks neat.