Changing site name breaks site

I had a working static site but changed the site name to and now the new URL says Page Not Found in the browser. Does it take a long time for a name change to take effect? Is there anything to be done?

That behavior is rather unlikely to be related to changing the name unless you are doing some very “clever” things with JS which does not appear to be your situation.

This article describes your debug path for the most common (99+%) cause of this issue:

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Thanks. We don’t have a git repository linked though. Are there any debugging steps in that case?

hi there,

did you deploy with drag n drop (aka Netlify Drop?)

if yes, do you have an index.html at the top level of your project as a site entry page?

I did use Drag and Drop and did have an index.html. Weirdly, what resolved this issue was simply redeploying the same code again. Not sure why but the site did come back after doing that.

Strange. Glad its fixed now! Please post again if you see more issues.