Changing deployment regions

I want to change the deployment regions to ap-southeast-1 for these following site ids below

  • ba466fdf-f3de-452e-8a78-936f3cc0ef83
  • d7c1d4af-658b-4291-913d-08f6da5f8ad6
  • ffcb6e3b-00fa-49d3-a659-52f3d476a009
  • e14f8fd8-1b2b-4db7-8d07-d2ebf63b3ed3
  • 29dc961a-161c-4a1b-bd18-fcd8ff564913
  • d9c6e2ac-095f-47ff-bdad-572af03a5784

Do you mean function regions? Deployment regions cannot be changed.

Yes, i mean the function regions.

Hey there, @OneWork :wave:

Thanks for confirming! We have changed the functions regions on those sites for you. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

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