Change to the Netlify authentication token format

We’ve revised the format of all new authentication tokens issued by Netlify.

What this means for you

You will be able to easily identify your Netlify authentication tokens by their prefix.

Existing authentication tokens

Existing authentication tokens will be unaffected. This format change applies only to new authentication tokens we issue. You’re encouraged to create new authentication tokens to replace your existing ones, but this is entirely optional.

Identifiable prefixes

All Netlify authentication tokens will start with a nf prefix followed by a single identifying character. They are:

  • nfp for Personal Access Tokens.
  • nfc for Netlify CLI tokens.
  • nfo for OAuth access tokens.
  • nfu for tokens.
  • nfb for Netlify build tokens.

What could this break for you

No operational impact to our customers is expected. The only scenarios to consider are these unlikely ones:

  1. If you’re validating Netlify authentication tokens using a regular expression then you’ll need to update it, or
  2. If you’re storing your Netlify authentication tokens in a fixed size field in a datastore then you’ll need to increase capacity for the token to 40 characters.
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