Authenticate from CLI

Hi guys, I’ve been using Netlify for a while and now I’m doing a bit more serious project for which I need an external CI tool.

I’ve been trying to understand how to programmatically login from the cli by using the personal auth token but it’s not explained in the doc.
The same problem is referenced on this GitHub issue
I’ve tried as suggested in a forum with "netlify --auth=‘YOUR_PERSONAL_AUTH_TOKEN’ " but the cli response is that --auth is not defined.

Any idea on what I’m doing wrong??

ok I figure it out.

On the forum I was looking at, they suggested to do netlify deploy --auth=your-tokenbut actually you need to do netlify deploy --auth your-token.

This should be added in the official doc imho.

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thanks for letting us know and posting your solution! We’ll take a look at our documentation for this issue.