CHANGE cname Record

I need to use my domain hosted on netlify as the domain for my G-suite Gmail, and Google needs me to change the CNAME label and the destination of the domain so verify that this domain is mine. I’ve tried ‘add a new record’ in ‘domain settings’ but it didn’t work. What are some ways I can do that?


hi KingMing, can you say a little more about what didn’t work? did you get an error of some kind? that’ll help us triage this issue.

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Hey @KingMing, not sure if you’re still running into this, but that sounds like something you would do through your domain host, where you registered your domain name. If you registered it through us, please let us know! But it’s more likely that we are just your DNS host. if you registered your domain name through an external provider like Gandi, Bluehost, etc., you would handle the record Google needs at that provider. Google has domain host-specific resources here:

Hey jen, I’ve sorted it out, cheers for reaching out.

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