Certificate request

Hello team!

I would like to request for an HTTPS certificate! Please note the my current naked domain example.com deploys from GitHub, who also issue HTTPS, though it’s only for exactly that path (example.com). Are wildcard certificates supported by netlify?

Edit: I’m unable to see branch domains.

Thank you!

The domain is gigabit.netlify.com. I haven’t gotten around to setup robots.txt to prevent SE scans, so I don’t want to put up the subdomain here.

Never mind, I issued one myself a wildcard from Let’s Encrypt.

Thank you!

Hi, @Siteme, you might also try the automatic Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates (provisioned using Netlify) again later. If you use that, we’ll auto-update the certificates.

So, why didn’t the automatic Let’s Encrypt work the first time?

My best guess is that time to live (TTL) values played a roll.

I was under the impression that netlify would issue certificated for all my domains, but it seems that I must explicitly request for a new certificate in case I add a new subdomain and DNS is self-managed.

I got an automatic cert for my custom domain netlify.domain.com but wanted to set up a branch subdomain to dev.domain.com. That didn’t work, as I was met with a 404 not found error. I then changed the branch subdomain to dev.netlify.domain.com, after which the 404 errors were gone and the page worked well, but I didn’t have a cert for that. I was asked to request support for that. and since I might change branches in the future, I thought might as well get a wildcard.

So I guess I have to follow the naming scheme, branch subdomains must be a subdomain of whatever is the site domain?

So I just issued myself a *.netlify.domain.com and netlify.domain.com certs :slight_smile:.

Hi, @Siteme. I believe using the custom certificate for your branch subdomains will work. If you want to use this feature without Netlify DNS and with our automatic SSL certificates the process is documented here:

If there are other questions, please let us know.