Can't seem to find who owns our domain. Can Netlify help before I ask the developer to go the DNS route

Hi there,

Our Netlify site name is

We are having DNS issues. The custom domain is The first error message is that: is already registered. If you registered this domain name through a different registrar, select Add domain to begin delegating it to Netlify

The second error message, once I click “Add domain” there error returned is: “custom_domain is owned by another account”.

Thank you kindly in advance for your assistance.

Hey there, this is happening because the custom domain you’re trying to use already exists on Netlify under a different account.

If you have some idea of who might be using the domain (maybe a previous collaborator or an agency you’ve worked with in the past?), the quickest way to get this resolved is for you to contact that person directly and ask them to remove the domain from their account here:

Netlify App > “Options” dropdown > “Remove domain”

If you’re not sure, please verify domain ownership and let us know by responding here when that’s done. If the verification is successful we can remove the domain from the other account so you can use it on yours.

Hi Perry,

I’m assisting with the DNS set up related to this issue. I’ve created a TXT record pointing to this thread for verification purposes.

Thanks for the help!

hi there, thanks for verifying you have ownership rights over that domain! we fixed some things up, and you should now be able to add that subdomain. let us know if this doesn’t work for some reason!

Hi Perry thank you so much—it is now allowing the subdomain to be added, so I hope everything will propagate just fine!

Many thanks for the support.

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great! thanks for letting us know :netliheart: