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Can't get SSL certificate for my site

I’m setting up a new site gatsby-starter-portfolio-cara.netlify.app and giving it a custom domain laboratorium.pusri.co.id. I can access it using the custom domain, but SSL certificate is not enabled and seems it pointing to wrong domain, it’s pointing to my other domain (ahmadiham.id)

Hey @ahmadihamid,
I just tried manually issuing an SSL cert for that site and got this error from Let’s Encrypt:
CAA record for laboratorium.pusri.co.id prevents issuance

This is something you’ll have to resolve upstream of us, with whoever manages the pusri.co.id domain. Let us know if we can provide any other info that would be helpful!

Thanks @jen,

So, what I should inform to pusri.co.id domain admin and what they need to do?

Hey @ahmadihamid,
Your situation is similar to the one in this thread:

If we do the same investigation for pusri.co.id, we get:

$ dig caa pusri.co.id
;pusri.co.id.			IN	CAA

pusri.co.id.		86400	IN	CAA	0 issue "digicert.com"

This says that only digicert.com can issue SSL certificates for this domain. So you’ll want to ask them if they will create a CAA record to allow Let’s Encrypt to create SSL certs as well since that’s who we use.