Can't deploy my site

Hello there,

I can’t deploy my site (but IDK what’s happening since the logs don’t say much).

Deploy success:

Deploy Failure

Also, it’s worth noting that I’m under a Sponsored Covid19 plan (maybe buildtimes total are the issue here?)

Looking forward to your response,


Same here and also on a Covid related property - with the urgency of the information update.
Tried to get manual deployments working and not it shows that a ‘custom_domain is owned by another account error’. Something is happening on the domain level that was failing the builds.

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I just checked, and I should not be having any buildtime problems (cap is at 1000 minutes, I’m just 320 minutes in this month).

hi there, we just made some changes to how deploys/domains work, can you both try again and let us know if you still see this issue?