Can't deploy my site, why?


my pages ( or aren’t deploying after a lot of waiting time. Can any one help me?

Deploy log:

12:59:56 PM: Creating deploy upload records


No errors, only the deploing log.


Hi @Simplex,

Please share more details (the ones that were asked before you started to type the post).

Sorry, i edit my post. Thanks!

This appears to be a widespread issue where a few more users are unable to deploy using drag-n-drop. I’d advise you to switch to CLI or Git-based deploys while our engineers investigate this.

i have the same problem

OK thanks, is there any docs documantation?

Did you try this:

No, I will ty it. Thanks!

I’m having the same issue trying to deploy my site. It says my site has been published but when I try to visit my site. I get a 404 page not found.

Hi, @Langster2323. The starting place for that issue is here:

​Please let us know if you have questions after reading that.