Can't connect to my website


My site name is:
My custom domain is :

I can’t connect to the website by my custom domain, and it always give the error of:

One wired thing I found is that I can connect through my phone, by using my mobile data.
However, if I change to my home wifi, it doesn’t work.
And I also can’t connect through my laptop or computer from home or office.

Hope I provide all the info.


As you are able to access the domain using your phone, it is likely a localised DNS cache issue with the computer you are using and/or network.

Have you tried a different browser, incognito/private window on the device that cannot access it?

In any case I have no issue browsing to and am certain the issue will resolve itself in due course.

Thanks a lot for your testing.
Yes I think now it is working.
Looks like I clean the cache today and it works now.