Can't choice node 8 or 10

I have two websites, one was built several years before, the other was built by this month.

I found the node versions are different

the old one is node 8, and new one is node 10.

How can I change to node 10 in old site?

hi there, you can choose the node version via node version manager:

That said, node 8 is quite old and no longer supported on many systems, so I can’t guarantee that this will work. It might be a good time to upgrade that older project to ensure continued smooth sailing.

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Thanks, @perry

After set the environment NODE_VERSION to v10.20.1 (that’s the new site’s version), I can build with it in old site.

But from the document you share, I don’t know what’s the latest version I can choice. My site supports v1.12 as well. Where can I get the node version list?

You can use any version of node that is published :slight_smile: We have different defaults on different sites, both based on when you first deployed (we’ll “pin” the default version for old sites) and then also based on what is included in our CI environment, lists available here:

and here:

(depending on which version of the build image you have selected in your deploy & build settings page)

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