Cannot update project after installing LFM

Netlify site name:

After following the LFM setup instructions: And uploading one image with netlifyCMS: I cannot update my project with git anymore.

CLI command: git pull
Output: Updating 5743f05…e6e59f3
time=“2020-08-30T17:22:13+02:00” level=error msg=“Aborting Netlify credential helper execution” error="&{0 } (*models.Error) is not supported by the TextConsumer, can be resolved by supporting TextUnmarshaler interface"
Username for ‘’:

When I put here my username and password from either netlify, or the specific netlify site It will display the same error message as above again, asking me for my username again.

  • Using gitlab

  • I’m logged in in netlify with the netlify login command

  • netlify lm:info:

    :heavy_check_mark: Checking Git version [Git-122.3)]
    :heavy_check_mark: Checking Git LFS version [2.11.0]
    :heavy_check_mark: Checking Git LFS filters
    :heavy_check_mark: Checking Netlify’s Git Credentials version [0.1.9]

This is a simple fix:

use netlify logout after that netlify login again

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Hi, @_william, thank you for sharing the solution you found. If there are other questions about this issue (or more information to share, like the solution above), please reply here again anytime.

Thanks again for looping back here to share the solution! :+1:

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