Cannot update auto renew

Hi Team,

May I ask for help? I am unable to update auto renew on my starter plan. It expired three days ago.

This is my domain :

I am looking forward for your assistance

Many thanks in advance

I have renewed your cert.

Hi SamO,

Thank you, Do I still need to do something on my end? or should I wait for a couple of minutes to update? Thanks

Hi @Mmhartman ,

Looks like the domain hadn’t been renewed yet. We can renew this domain for you. Please confirm you accept the renewal fee of $17.99 , and that the credit card on file is the one we should use.

Once we hear back from you we’ll take care of it!

Hi Audrey,

Thanks for your response. Yes, please renew it with a fee of $17.99 and charge the credit card on file.

Would it be okay if you could let me know once it’s all settled?

Many thanks!

Your domain has been renewed successfully!

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Thank you all for your assistance!