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Cannot set primary domain

My default subdomain is hopeful-hugle-c2ecbb.netlify.app.
I have the primary domain jtccprogramming.club that I want to remove, but I can’t because it is the primary domain.
I have a domain codingcorner.club that I want to be primary, but I can’t set it as primary because is says it is still provisioning a certificate.

What can I do to remove the old domain and make the new domain primary? Secondly the certificate should be provisioning as I set an ALIAS Record like instructions described. What can I do to get the provisioning “unstuck”?

Thank you.

@jaythomas Welcome to the Netlify community.

You should be able to unlink jtccprogramming from your site by clicking on the Options button under Site Settings -> Domains. Your DNS does not point to Netlify, so this should not disrupt anything further. If you do have any DNS entries with Google Domains that point to Netlify, you can then delete them.

You then need to make the appropriate DNS entries with NameCheap for codingcorner to point to Netlify, either with an A record and a CNAME or by delegating the DNS to Netlify. Instructions here:

You can then go into your Netlify account under the Domains tab and delete jtccprogramming completely, assuming you will not be using it with any of your Netlify sites.

Hi and thank you for the reply.

Unfortunately I cannot delete the jtccprogramming.club domain from the list as it is the primary domain.

I also cannot change my primary domain to the new domain because it is stuck saying it is still provisioning a certificate for it.

I recommend removing both jtccprogramming.club and codingcorner.club first. Then re-adding codingcorner.club as primary. Can you try that for me?

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Thank you, that did the trick! Once I removed codingcorner.club I was then able to remove jtccprogramming.club. Adding back codingcorner.club the domain provisioned a certificate the second time.

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