Cannot find the persons email who submitted the form


My website is: lucid-hamilton-bb3cc7

In my netlify-form, I have made required to enter the email. So you cannot submit the form unless you give your email address.

Today the first customer contacted me through the netlify-form, but I cannot find her email address from anywhere. I only got her message. I would need to answer her. Where can I find her email address? Thank you.

Hi @developerwizard :wave:t2:

I took a look at your website. The reason you only got the message and not the name or email, even though you did put a required tag and the user probably did fill them out (nice!) is because your “name” and “email” inputs don’t actually have a name attribute.

Note that on your <textarea> you have name="message". Add name="email" and name="name" to your other inputs (respectively) and everything should work moving forward.

Unfortunately I’m not official Netlify staff, but I don’t imagine the data you’re looking for is recoverable. I don’t think they’ll be able to get that information for you. :frowning:

Hope that helps,


Thank you Jon for your help. I will make the changes to the website. It is sad that I cannot know the customers email now.

Happy to help. Yes, that is unfortunate :frowning: I always take the “users first” mentality and this does seem like a sad situation on their end :confused:

@perry - might you have any insight? Are data fields that were fully pushed to the Forms UI recoverable at the data layer or anything?


hey @developerwizard,

before we dig in here, my first question is whether this worked at some point, or suddenly stopped working?

Hi @perry

No, this has not worked. I tested the forms once when I made the website and I was like: Oh it works, I got the message and did not realize I didn’t get the email address.


Thank you for the help! Now the form works and the good thing was I learned how to push changes to the Github :slight_smile:

I still hope there is a way to retrieve that unfortunate customer’s email address.

hey again,

I talked to the team about this, and unfortunately, there is no way to recover data in this case. I’m just going to :crossed_fingers: that the person comes back and posts again now that it is working.

Thank you Perry for the effort.

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of course. wish we had better news!